Note: Due to various rights issues, this show sometimes used one set of songs in the broadcast version, and a different set for the DVD/streaming version. Add songs you know, but please don't remove songs if they don't appear in the copy you're watching, unless you can verify they haven't appeared in any version of the show.

Season 1 Edit

101 Cop, Convict, Life

102 Tear Asunder

103 Let Her Go

104 What They Saw

105 The Fallen Woman

106 Powerless

107 A Civil War

108 Farthingale

109 Serious Control Issues

110 Dig A Hole

111 Fill It Up

Season 2 Edit

201 Find Your Happy Place

202 Everything... All the Time

203 Business of Miracles

204 Not For Nothing

205 Crushed

206 Did You Feel That?

207 Jackpot

208 Black Friday

209 Badge Bunny

210 Evil... and his brother Ziggy

211 Canyon Flowers

212 Trapdoor

213 Re-Entry

214 Mirror Ball

215 I Heart Mom

216 Hit Me Baby

217 Shelf Life

218 3 Women

219 5 Quarts

220 Initiative 38

221 One

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