Theme Song Edit

Amanda Abizaid - A Place In time

Season 1 Edit

101 Pilot

102 The New And Improved Carl Morrissey

103 Becoming

104 Trial By Fire

105 White Light

Season 2 Edit

201 Wake Up Call

202 Voices Carry

203 Weight Of The World

205 As Fate Would Have It

206 Life Interrupted

207 Carrier

208 Rebirth

209 Hidden

210 Lockdown

212 Mommy's Bosses

Season 3 Edit

302 The New World part 2

303 Being Tom Baldwin

305 Gone part 2

309 The Ballad of Kevin and Tess

311 The Gospel According to Collier

Season 4 Edit

401 The Wrath of Graham

403 Audrey Parker's Come And Gone

409 Daddy's Little Girl

413 The Great Leap Forward

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